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TheNetSpies.com is a collection of freelance journalists from around the globe who have united in a collaborative effort to bring thought provoking stories and ideas to light in an effort to illuminate the mind and stir the soul, thus opening the door to enlightened and informed intercourse. Sometimes we even have fun. 

We strive to bring our readers a clear and concise view of the subjects that most media outlets dare not speak. We do this in the form of sizzling OP-ED, hard nosed investigative journalism, and a bit of satire for laughs.

We do not fit the world view of all peoples. If you like our reporting, kick up your feet, partake of your favorite intoxicant(s) and stay a while. If not, go ask your mommy to come down to the basement and nurse her 33 year old wuss. It is not our job to blow sunshine up your ass. 

20 thoughts on “About Us

  1. I think you should distinguish which stories are BS (satire) and which are real. There is already enough Fake News out there, you don’t need to add to it.

      • 🤣 ok snowflake. First off, the 1st Amendment is in the Bill of Rights, which are Individual Rights which the GOVT can not infringe upon. Since I am not a govt agent, it does not apply to me so I am not & can not, infringe on your Right, which secondly does not apply to you because your website is NOT an individual.
        Thirdly, your website invites comments so if you are like the Liberal Left, which you obviously are, your invitation ONLY extends to those who will stroke your fragile egos! 🤣🤣🤣

  2. I was going to subscribe, but that will not happen after reading the exchange on the request to distinguish between truth and satire. Could have been handled more respectfully. Just my opinion. Perhaps this comment will generate a vulgar attack, so be it. I hope not.

  3. It appears that all of your stories are fake, hiding behind the smarmy label of “satire.” This is typical of Trumped-up “news” dumpsters.

    Say hi to your Liar-in-Chief. We are wise to both him and you.

    • These are the same people who loved Saturday Night Live, who complain that your stories are fake, or like my great grandmother, who believed Fr Guido Sarducci was really a reporter from the Vatican & told us to be quiet when he was on with his cigarette, (ah remember cigarettes, on TV no less!)talking about his mobile confessional & as children we were in awe & rotfl #1 at Don Novello & that she took it so serious…maybe it is like Fr Guido Sarducci was REAL NEWS like Reno 911 is how police most likely really are, but the fact something is funny, or tragic like Adam Schiff’s gay lover being a victim of DV…it is in a 50 shades of Gray area, it is satire, it is like augmented reality. Satire in the context of news might be a hard pill to swallow, like Citizen Kane/War of the Worlds Orson Welles freaking the public out with Invaders from Mars, & NOT telling: this is fiction! This is reality. It’s like Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe, the bag lady on the corner of Walk Don’t Walk having to tell the Martian UFOs the difference between Andy Warhol’s soup cans & real soup cans this is soup, this is art, art, soup, soup, art. Ok? This is art that looks like Campbell’s soup. If your satire goes over people’s heads I don’t blame them, fluoride in tap water, etc, makes them naive. And they were born with no funny bone, a terminal condition.

  4. I think this all seems to be destructive horseshit packaged by smart ass kids who know absolutely nothing about how the world works….people whose parents paid for their “education” and who now sit around in jeans writing stuff that they and their homies think of as cool satire but which is, actually, childish and irresponsible drivel.

  5. You guys are even worse liars than the CNN’s of the world, and should be arrested, too, for spreading untruths without labeling them as “satire”. You could find enough real shit on Schiff to ruin him if you just tried. He’s dirty as hell.

  6. Lakim you are very disrespectful and I agree with what those were commenting, satire articles should be clearly marked as such or you are just another version of CNN! Will avoid all your articles from now on!

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