About Us

TheNetSpies.com is a collection of freelance journalists from around the globe who have united in a collaborative effort to bring thought provoking stories and ideas to light in an effort to illuminate the mind and stir the soul, thus opening the door to enlightened and informed intercourse. Sometimes we even have fun. 

We strive to bring our readers a clear and concise view of the subjects that most media outlets dare not speak. We do this in the form of sizzling OP-ED, hard nosed investigative journalism, and a bit of satire for laughs.

We do not fit the world view of all peoples. If you like our reporting, kick up your feet, partake of your favorite intoxicant(s) and stay a while. If not, go ask your mommy to come down to the basement and nurse her 33 year old wuss. It is not our job to blow sunshine up your ass. 

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