Will 10/07/2023 Be WW-lll’s Casus Belli?

San Francisco, CA – What do you know about war? What do you know about history? Your governments are betting “not much”! Otherwise, you’d be frightened to your very core about the world coup that is being staged at this very moment… right before our eyes, and you likely wouldn’t have had to google “casus … Read more

49ers Woo Brady, Rodgers For 2023

Santa Clara, CA- The San Francisco 49ers are looking to capitalize on a few aging Hall of Famers in an effort to put another notch or two into their NFL championship bedposts. It’s no secret that the 49ers are struggling at the QB position. Trey Lance is injured as well as a bust. Jimmy Garoppolo … Read more

Bill Gates: Mexicans Cause Greenhouse Gas!

San Francisco, CA – In a shocking interview with ABC7 reporter, Kumasi Aaron, billionaire and vaccine pusher, Bill Gates, dropped a racist bomb on the Latino community. “Mexicans, along with cattle, are the major contributors of geenhouse gasses that lead to climate change.” When pressed about his comments, Gates elaborated, “With all of that bean … Read more

BIDEN: You Can Take The Boy Out Of The Ghetto, But…

Washington, DC – U.S. President, Joe Biden, with his long standing support of white supremacy, re; Biden’s long running, close friendship with KKK leader, Senator Robert Byrd, as well as his spirited support of Bill Clinton’s 1994 crime bill, which targeted black men for long prison terms, told the BBC, “You can take the boy … Read more

Biden: I’d Love To Take Putin’s Missile In My…

Washington, DC – Quasi-demented president, Joe Biden, today told media outlets for the BBC that “he would love to take Putin’s big missle up his turd-cutter!” In an effort to show his submissiveness to Putin, as well as his support for the LGTBQ community, Biden made multiple references to being bombed and anally penetrated by … Read more

Biden Surrenders To Putin In #SOTU!

Washington DC – Well, it was bound to happen. I mean, you put a lilly-livered, never been successful, life-long, feckless politician in charge of the security of the world, bad shit is going to happen! Don’t assume we believe this to be all Biden’s fault… we don’t. This has been in the works for decades, … Read more

Racist Treat

BLM Demands Removal of “White” Reese’s Cups

Charlotte, NC- The hate group, BLM (Black Lives Matter), has filed an injunction in the federal courts to halt the production of “white” Reese’s Cups. Mattrise Cullo, spokesperson for the hate group (BLM), stated, “It is racist to call a candy white!” “They didn’t call the milk chocolate version ‘African American’!” “Why do whites get … Read more

Un-Vaxed or German Jews?

UN-VAXED Become 1940’s German Jews!

Sacramento, CA – They said it would never happen again. They built memorials and museums to educate people so it never could happen again. They produced movies and wrote endless books so that humans could learn from their egregious errors. And yet, here we are, just 80 years later, reinventing the Holocaust! Any day now, … Read more

The Death Shot Will Kill You By Halloween!

DEATH SHOT:The Variant Killed You!

San Francisco, CA – We’re sitting here wondering what’s next. You too? Why is the government pushing this untested, no efficacy vaccination? And how did they not foresee the variant (Indian or Delta if you please)? Governments push for total vaccination, all the while knowing the vaccine doesn’t cover the variant. What sense does that … Read more

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