Racist Treat

BLM Demands Removal of “White” Reese’s Cups

Racist Treat
Why No African American Cups?

Charlotte, NC- The hate group, BLM (Black Lives Matter), has filed an injunction in the federal courts to halt the production of “white” Reese’s Cups.

Mattrise Cullo, spokesperson for the hate group (BLM), stated, “It is racist to call a candy white!” “They didn’t call the milk chocolate version ‘African American’!” “Why do whites get a candy named for themselves, and blacks do not? That is blatantly racist!”

In response, the Hershey Company, a largely white company, reported, “We called the candy “white” because it is. Nothing more. Its not racist, it just is!” When the Hershey Company was axed what they intended to do about the obviously racist candy, they replied, “Let them eat African American! Hey, we win either way.”

Ah, the land of ignorance!

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