Biden Surrenders To Putin In #SOTU!


Washington DC – Well, it was bound to happen. I mean, you put a lilly-livered, never been successful, life-long, feckless politician in charge of the security of the world, bad shit is going to happen!

Don’t assume we believe this to be all Biden’s fault… we don’t. This has been in the works for decades, and, in the words of Randy Bachman, “you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!”

First, they artificially pumped up the US economy with the Trumpster. That made everybody feel comfortable, like things were great. Next, they scared most of the people on the planet shitless with Covid. That made people fear one another, fear gathering, fear family and friends, fear going outside. Now, as the fear of Covid wanes and the people know they were duped, the war starts.

They’ve got us right where they want us! And their puppets, Putin and Biden, are playing real life, “CALL OF DUTY WWIII”, exactly as scripted. There will be nuclear blasts soon, within the continental United States. If Covid made everyone in the US as crazy as Batman, what effect will a nuclear blast in Phoenix have on Americans?

As you read, the propaganda machine is spinning stories about why Russia has moved so slowly in their TAKING of Ukraine. The conquest of Ukraine is a shiny bobble the propagandists need you to focus on. If they do their job properly, you’ll not notice the Russian and Chinese troops enroute to American soil. It’s very hard to take Ukraine when 95% of your forces are in the Pacific Ocean, steaming to America. Steaming to America… isn’t that a Neil Diamond song?

If you haven’t heard of Operation Bodyguard, google it and do some reading. The last 11 years (more than that, really) have been, and are, leading up to a significant redesign of the world.

Whatever fluff flows from Biden’s face sphincter tonight, it surely will be a surrender to Putin. No way around it. If he does nothing to put the reins on Putin, he’ll get ridden by Putin. If he tries to rein Putin in, there’s Putin’s excuse to turn the key and push the button. Sorry Phoenix, I wish I’d golfed there more often.

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