Soros, Obama Grooming Ca Senator Kamala Harris For 2020 Presidency


Oakland, CA- According to research and reports by the Sturgis-Fellowes Institute, billionaire George Soros and former president Obama are waging a campaign to slip the new junior California senator, Kamala Harris into the White House in 2020.

“Because there was such broad appeal for Soros’ protégé, Barack Obama, Mr. Soros has been searching for a similar candidate,” stated Archer Sturgis, executive director of the Sturgis-Fellowes Institute. “Mr Soros has enlisted former president Obama to teach senator Harris how to be silky smooth in her rhetoric and delivery.”

“Kamala has a strong background in law and is of mixed race and pretends to identify as African American, just like Obama does,” cited Justin Simpson, SFI historian. “The only difference between Kamala and Barack is gender and we all know how much democrats want to put the first woman in the White House. This should come as no real surprise, in that Soros dumped millions into the coffers of Ms. Harris’ senate bid and he has always despised Hillary Clinton but was willing to use her as a tool for domination, much as he did Obama. According to our research, Ms. Harris already has nearly a quarter billion dollars in campaign funds for the 2020 presidential bid.”

“We have been speaking to different factions of the Democratic Party, Cory Booker included, who are livid about the big donor plans for 2020,” added Sturgis. “All of these democratic senators have been sharpening their platforms and their teeth since losing the election in November. They thought they had a chance to be the party nominee on the next go around. Now they seem to have been thrown to the wolves.”

Senator Booker, the junior senator from New Jersey, has vowed to fight and block the rising star, Kamala Harris at every turn. “I have been out here fighting the right and left for 4 years!” Booker stated emphatically. “I’ll be damned if some soft squishy Californian is going to come up in here and try to push me aside in the race to lead this country. Not going to happen!”

6 thoughts on “Soros, Obama Grooming Ca Senator Kamala Harris For 2020 Presidency

  1. I would really hate to see either of these rude individuals become President of this country. They are both liberals and like all other democrats running for office will turn this country into a Socialistic nation just like George Soris wants them to do. This must never happen! America will never accept this way of life. We are a free country and that will never change. Away with all socialistic candidates!! AWAY WITH All of THEM!!!

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