Biden: I’d Love To Take Putin’s Missile In My…

I like a big missle in my turd-cutter, Mr. Putin! May I have another?

Washington, DC – Quasi-demented president, Joe Biden, today told media outlets for the BBC that “he would love to take Putin’s big missle up his turd-cutter!”

In an effort to show his submissiveness to Putin, as well as his support for the LGTBQ community, Biden made multiple references to being bombed and anally penetrated by Putin. Biden smiled widely at the thought of both. Biden is widely known for his severely prolapsed rectum, mostly from being regularly ass bludgeoned as the most prolific loser in congress for the last five decades

Biden also announced a committee would be formed to root out communism in the U.S. The Charlie McCarthy hearings will start in May. We wait with bated breath.

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