Will 10/07/2023 Be WW-lll’s Casus Belli?

San Francisco, CA – What do you know about war? What do you know about history? Your governments are betting “not much”! Otherwise, you’d be frightened to your very core about the world coup that is being staged at this very moment… right before our eyes, and you likely wouldn’t have had to google “casus belli”. In layman’s terms, Casus Belli is an event that precedes, provokes, and/or justifies war. If you understood “Casus Belli”, you would be bringing down a suffocating load of questions and protests upon your state and federal leaders. Your vacationing President and Congressional leaders would be hounded and surrounded with questions like: “How did we get here?”, “As the leaders of the free world, how do you intend to solve/stop this coup?”, “Why do you continually allow known sponsors of evil; China, Russia, Iran, N. Korea, Et al., to operate illegally, and with impunity, around the world setting up their Marxist proxies?”.

Your leaders won’t answer these questions. They have no intentions of stopping the vile hatred being spread in the world today. In fact, the very leaders you look to for answers are sporting the largest spoons in the shitpot… stirring frantically! With tens of thousands unnecessary, and nearly totally civilian deaths in less than two months, deaths that serve only to “propagate the hate”, how can this possibly happen in the 21st century? It happens when the megalomaniac billionaire elitists of the world decide to restructure the balance of power and fortune to their benefit. We are all just pawns, our lives meaningless in their chess match for civil power that hides their personal impotence. George Soros hasn’t been able to get a boner for 65 years! That is why he, and his ilk, works tirelessly to enslave his fellow man. He is not nearly alone in this quest. Bill Gates, a latent homosexual who has spent his entire life trying to find a way to finally get back at all of those jocks who stuffed him into his locker with an atomic wedgie, goes to Africa to test his perverse drugs on ignorant natives. He poisons the natives, with their permission, because he is the great white hope who throws a bit of money at their 16th century lives. They allow him and his cult to monitor, first hand, up close and personal, the effects of his various Virus and Vax in the event that he should release them on the world for profit and power.

Those are just two of the the local billionaire elites looking to kill off a bulk of humanity and enslave the rest. Every country on Earth, all 195, are directed by multiple billionaires. Even the infamous Hamas terrorist group is run by billionaires. While overpopulation is a huge problem to these elites, they have more slaves than they need to continue to enrich themselves and their lineage, they have a very simple option that thins the herd… World War! I can hear you saying, “There is no way the USA will allow a world wide coup and power change over!” Pull your head out of the sand and look at the doddering old fool in the White House and his cackling #2. Neither are respected by anyone in the entire world, save a few mind numbingly stupid talking heads on MSNBC and the like. Not to mention that the doddering old fool has pocketed multi-millions of dollars from China, Russia and Ukraine in his corrupt machinations.

Obviously, 10/07/2023 was the Casus Belli for the current war in the Gaza Strip, but it is also very likely the Casus Belli for World War lll. The war that will change the balance of power, distributing said power to the BRIC nations around the globe. Maybe that seems far fetched for you. Well, maybe you should read this article and draw your own parallels and conclusions http://www.thenetspies.com/usnews/why-the-light-at-the-end-of-the-american-tunnel-is-a-train/ . At some point, Iran is going to have to shit or get off the pot. China is playing Iran like a fiddle, mostly because the rulers of Iran are ignorant religious zealots who have had a hard-on for the USA since 1947, leaving them easily manipulated. Israel doesn’t advertise their nuclear capabilities, and the USA won’t admit that Israel has nuclear capabilities, but they do. Don’t fool yourself into believing that Israel wouldn’t rejoice after turning Iran into a “Glass Menagerie”. Very soon, the moment of truth will fall upon the American public, and American politicians will sell you out in an attempt to save their own skins. Will you trade a walk on part in a war, for a lead role in a cage?

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