The Death Shot Will Kill You By Halloween!

DEATH SHOT:The Variant Killed You!

The Death Shot Will Kill You By Halloween!
When the death shot kills you, they’ll blame it on the fake variant.

San Francisco, CA – We’re sitting here wondering what’s next. You too? Why is the government pushing this untested, no efficacy vaccination? And how did they not foresee the variant (Indian or Delta if you please)? Governments push for total vaccination, all the while knowing the vaccine doesn’t cover the variant. What sense does that make?

We’ll tell you what sense that makes. There was NO covid-19! There was no virus at all. They hoaxed millions, if not billions, into taking an injection that will kill them. Once they start dropping like flies at a rat poison convention, they’ll simply blame the variant (which also doesn’t exist). You imbiciles will be none the wiser!

Now there really will be dead bodies piling up (as the initial vaccine kills hundreds of millions). And the governments, federal, state and local, will be paying people to rat out those who remain unvaccinated! A bounty, if you will.

They have priced food and fuel out of sight. Not that you can’t afford it, just so you won’t hoard them. Starving and freezing people will eventually succumb to the will of the tyrants. Check your history books!

All of that being said, we hope you’re ready for the purge. Look for it to be released in your locale this Halloween.

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