Bill Gates: Mexicans Cause Greenhouse Gas!

Bill Gates Wants To Eat Mexicans

San Francisco, CA – In a shocking interview with ABC7 reporter, Kumasi Aaron, billionaire and vaccine pusher, Bill Gates, dropped a racist bomb on the Latino community.

“Mexicans, along with cattle, are the major contributors of geenhouse gasses that lead to climate change.” When pressed about his comments, Gates elaborated, “With all of that bean eating, one can only imagine the methane production from Latino communities around the globe. Methane is the greatest threat the world faces today in the face of climate change. Yes, we did have to change the name of global warming to climate change because global warming made no sense to freezing people. We can much more easily make climate change fit our narrative.”

When asked if his comments weren’t just a tad racist, Gates proffered, “No, not at all. I’m a liberal. It’s impossible for a liberal to be racist. Besides, if we can get wealthy nations to eat beef substitutes and Soylent Mexican, thereby ridding the world of both cattle and Mexicans, we’ve done the world a great service.”

After being bitch-slapped by Kumasi, Gates was whisked away by his Gay Pride mercenarie body guards.

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