Un-Vaxed or German Jews?

UN-VAXED Become 1940’s German Jews!

Un-Vaxed or German Jews?
Are they the UN-VAXED or German Jews?

Sacramento, CA – They said it would never happen again. They built memorials and museums to educate people so it never could happen again. They produced movies and wrote endless books so that humans could learn from their egregious errors. And yet, here we are, just 80 years later, reinventing the Holocaust!

Any day now, crews of the lowest form of humanity, people with no conscience, will begin to round up the people who choose not to vaccinate, and ship them to concentration camps. Oh sure, theyll have fancy names: FEMA camps, protection camps and on and on. Make no mistake, no one there gets out alive. Starvation, squalor, disease and violence will cause the incarcerated to die a gruesome death. Others will be shot, hanged and likely even guillotined.

And the masses of sheep that took the jab will cheer! Just like the masses of German sheep cheered and followed along as Adolph Schicklgruber incarcerated and killed millions of Jews for no reason. Schicky needed a scapegoat to blame the ills of the world upon. A scapegoat that, with the proper propaganda, would give him an inventive new opportunity to conquer the world. He found that scapegoat in the Jewish communities of Germany and Poland. The propaganda flowed and the sheeple bought it.

The propaganda is flowing today at a mighty pace. The UN-VAXED are no danger to anyone, exactly as the German and Polish Jews were no danger to anyone. It is the same hoax with the same outcome. The UN-VAXED will be stripped of their rights, their dignity, their humanity and their lives. It’s happening right now before your very eyes.

80 years! Its hard to believe, that in that small amount of time, humanity has forgotten the needless and senseless execution of millions of innocent people. The ignorance! The arrogance!

As they round up your friends, family and neighbors, will you be one of the ignorant? One of the arrogant? Or will you be an Anerican who believes in, and fights for, the rights of free men and the United States Constitution? Will you give quarter to Anne Frank? We fear that most of you will answer poorly…

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