49ers Woo Brady, Rodgers For 2023

Santa Clara, CA- The San Francisco 49ers are looking to capitalize on a few aging Hall of Famers in an effort to put another notch or two into their NFL championship bedposts.

It’s no secret that the 49ers are struggling at the QB position. Trey Lance is injured as well as a bust. Jimmy Garoppolo is injured and unwanted. Brock Purdy is a gritty kid in a tough spot that is going to bite him hard in the ass in his first playoff game. So, this season is likely an exercise in futility at this point.

Enter two first ballot, aging Hall of Fame quarterbacks, both of whom grew up huge 49ers fans. Both of whom, if added to the current 49ers offensive and defensive talent, could easily guide the 49ers to a superbowl championship or two.

49ers general manager, John Lynch, is remaining tight lipped on the subject. “Everyone is making a big deal about some phone calls I made to some old friends,” Lynch began in a video call with TheNetSpies. Com. “It’s a violation of league policy to talk contracts with players currently under contract.” The twinkle in his eye seemed like that of Santa preparing to deliver the gift of a lifetime.

When you hear about the mid-February Bahamian sport fishing trip involving Lynch, Brady and Rodgers, don’t be surprised when San Fran announces the acquisition of a new captain.

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