Of course, boys... you can have all the vaccine you want!


San Francisco, CA.- The picture becomes more clearly visible, day by day. The plan to bring America to her knees is in full swing, and most of you imbeciles volunteered to help with the coup. Unwittingly, of course, but what else could be expected from the witless?

Of course, boys... you can have all the vaccine you want!
Of course, boys… you can have all the vaccine you want!

You see, that is just exactly the problem. America has turned into a witless bunch of pansey-assed, self-absorbed, easily panicked miscreants! The Magic Virus has shown everyone who you really are. You donned their mask, even doubled it. You cut ties with friends and family. You fought tooth and nail to be injected with their poison. What fabulously witless soldiers you have been! And your reward?

We’re sure you’re familiar with the ongoing border crisis. People are flooding in from all over the world. So many, in fact, the Customs and Border Patrol can do nothing but welcome them to America and put them on a bus to town. Hoards of poor South Americans will make the trek to the land of milk and honey this summer. So, what do these border crisis have to do with you witless mask-vaxers?

Where on earth are they going to put all of these masses crossing the border? Well, when the poison you begged to have injected into your body kills you, the government will seize all of your assets and move two or three families from South America into your home. The South American families will be assigned jobs, given EBT and Medicaid cards, move into YOUR home and be overjoyed at their great fortune. They’ll work for peanuts, literally. You won’t.

You see, these people have lived in poverty and squalor their entire lives. Life in the third world is an alcoholic’s mantra; One day at a time. They live in shanties, if they’re lucky. Begging for food, or worse. Always on the lookout for violent actors. Now, do you think that these people are going to complain about living in your nice home, crowded as it may be, eating food from a grocery store and getting medical attention with the mere swipe of a card?

Obviously, had your government come knocking and posited that you take these families into your home, you would have balked at the idea. When they forced you, you would have spoken up. Except for that pesky poison you worked so hard and feverishly to get into your veins. The price of tyranny is truly witless vigilance.

America is $40 trillion in arrears and still digging. The borders overflow 24/7 with no end in sight. Violence erupts daily around the country. The winds of change are blowing and the stench is foul. Maybe I’m just sitting too close to President Harris.

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