Pseudo Dogooder Mark Zuckerberg

Pseudo-Dogooder, Zuckerberg Exhorts Harvard Grads Toward Communism And False Inclusion

Pseudo Dogooder Mark Zuckerberg

Cambridge, MA- In his commencement speech to the graduating class at Harvard, Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg told the grads to push their government for free money and inclusion for everyone.

Free money for everyone? OK Zuck, let’s start by handing out that fortune of yours. $83 billion will be a good start in paying every person in America a monthly stipend. And then what? Half the country already has no intention of getting a job. If you spoon feed them money, they are going to be a hundred times less likely to look for work. BRILLIANT! I suppose each person would be paid according to their abilities and needs, right? Communism looks great from your lofty perch, eh Zuck?

And all of this inclusion BS you spout, what about your record of inclusion at Facebook? Your 2016 diversity report at Facebook says you have 4% Latino and 2% Black employment and those figures are the same stagnant figures from 2014. You’ve really taken a leadership role in this whole inclusion theory, eh Zuck? Oh wait, you have doubled your female employment numbers? That is great news. The bad news is, White and Asian males and females are good for Facebook, but Latinos and Blacks are not on the roster of inclusion. That isn’t inclusion, my friend. Just stop it!

It looks like Mark Zuckerberg is sharpening his teeth for a big political run of some sort, someday. He seems to be trying to reinvent himself into some sort of social justice warrior and generally good guy. People are getting tired of you wealthy sphincters playing games with our minds and pocketbooks. The facts are simple: 1) You are full of crap. 2) See fact number 1.

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