CBD Oil: Risking Prison To Save Your Child


Ann Arbor, MI- Would you risk a stint in prison to save your child’s life? If you were in the position I am in, watching your baby have seizure after seizure, you bet your sweet ass you would.

My baby has epilepsy, namely Dravet syndrome, a chronic disorder that causes unprovoked, recurrent seizures. Occasionally the seizures are barely noticeable. Most often the seizures are violent and extremely dangerous. It’s enough to scare the living shit right out of you. I have cried so many tears I think I need a daily IV to keep hydrated.

His doctors had tried everything they could but the seizures just kept getting stronger and more frequent. The doctors told me that he had a very slim chance of surviving to his first birthday. I was devastated.

Yes, I smoke cannabis. Yes, just for a recreational high. Ok, my bad, but before you judge me for that, make sure your side of the street is clean.

Two months ago I was at a local MMJ dispensary and was apparently obviously outwardly depressed. The budtender at the counter asked if I was ok. I told her I was not ok and that I had a huge problem with no answers. She pried my story out of me and asked if she could buy me lunch. I went. Hey, a girls got to eat.

This angel told me that there was a growing number of people around the world that were finding relief from seizure activity with Cannabidiol, or CBD oil. She also told me that CBD oil was approved for adults, but not for children. Certainly not for a four month old baby. I whipped out my phone and started reading everything I could find about CBD oil and seizures. My pockets were bulging from all of the notes I was making on napkins. The employees were giving me the stink eye for hogging their table and napkins. I glared right back at them and shouted, “I’m trying to save a baby’s life!” Worked like a charm.

I really had no choice. I was down to my last option. CBD oil is a non-psychoactive derivative of the cannabis plant. It doesn’t get your brain  high. What it does do for your brain isn’t exactly known at this time, however many studies from around the world have shown a significant reduction in seizure activity and severity when a strict regimen of CBD is adhered to. My baby was dying. CBD was all I had and I had to try.

I began to give my baby the CBD oil the next morning. I kept him in my arms all day, every day for a week. He was still having seizures and I sobbed uncontrollably with each seizure, wondering if this would be the one that would take him from me. I wrote down the date, time, and severity of every seizure. On the tenth day, as I sat quietly with my baby, I was looking at my notes of his seizure activity and I realized that the pattern of his seizures was gradually becoming less violent and less frequent. My prayers were answered.

My son is a little over two months into his CBD treatment and has responded with flying colors. Miracles happen. So do tragedies. Now I am fighting, not just to keep my son healthy, but to keep him, period. Some nosey nellie went and snitched me out to the police. So far I have dealt with some pretty understanding people with the police and child protection, but they have warned me that they could be ordered to arrest me and take my baby at any time.

My son’s seizures are down by more than 70% and I am not in handcuffs. We are both up for the fight, no matter how hard or how long. Until next time, peace out.

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  1. Dr. Do NOT cure anyone! They’ve historically proved this by getting in bed with big pharma!
    Everyone stop going to any doctor they won’t cure you cuz if they did they would go broke!

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