Jay Leno’s Wife Claims He Is An Out Of Control Racist


Hollywood, CA- In a shocking interview with Entertainment Tonight’s Kevin Frazier, Mavis Leno, the wife of legendary comedian, Jay Leno, dropped a bombshell of epic proportion.

“It’s really difficult to live and thrive in this town,” Mrs. Leno began. “The liberal vibe is so palpable and it can get into your head. I think that is what has happened to Jay. It has driven him to do and say things that are very dangerous.”

When Frazier pressed Mrs. Leno to describe the radical behavior she has noticed from her husband, Mrs. Leno continued, “Ever since he retired from The Tonight Show and started hanging around with Tim Allen, he [Jay] has become out of control. I am worried for his safety. He approaches strangers on the street and challenges them for no apparent reason. You think you know a person and then you find this underlying madness that could cost him or someone else their life.”

Mrs. Leno told “ET” that the family had tried an intervention a few weeks ago. She said, “It didn’t seem to have any effect on Jay. He told us he was addicted to the adrenaline rush. I just want to burn down his garage so he will have no more race cars. He takes out one of his muscle cars and tries to race everyone. He’ll race a Porsche, he’ll race a Pinto. He can’t stop racing. I’m afraid I’ll be a racist’s widow.”

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