Le Pen for the win.

Marine Le Pen Prepares To Trump France And The New World Order

Le Pen for the win.

Paris, FR- First Brexit, then Donald J. Trump, and now Marine Le Pen. It appears as though the civilized world is speaking loud and clear as to how they feel about the direction of this whole New World Order.

They think the New World Order is BULLSHIT!

First, Britain opts out of the European Union in an effort to regain control of their country. The Britt’s were propping up many other economies in the EU. Economies that had no chance to ever succeed without being eternally subsidized. Britain was also being overrun by troublesome refugees from the Middle East who were trying to change the local culture, dragging down the economy and generally raising Hell.

Next, Americans elected Donald Trump president in a landslide because Americans had no desire to continue down the treacherous path of becoming a refugee state, a Sharia state, or a pawn of the New World Order, being bilked of their riches and freedoms. Liberal politicians had set that course 8 years prior and any knucklehead could take one look at Europe and see that type of thinking was a disaster.

And now, enter Marine Le Pen, the French Donald Trump. Le Pen has no desire to continue to placate the liberal agenda or countries that are unable to self sustain. She has no desire to allow significant change to the long held French culture and way of life. Le Pen wants to be tough on immigration and terrorism, two ideals that are weighing heavily on the French way of life at the current time.

While Le Pen can declare a victory of sorts by making it to the final election on May 7th, she is not yet the leader of France. She has been studying the Trump campaign precisely and our guess is she will mirror Trump’s methods over the next two weeks. If Le Pen can win, we can strike another blow against liberal stupidity and the New World Order.

They say good things come in threes. May 7th could provide the world with the third cornerstone in the pyramid of allied power that can snatch the world back from the jaws of the liberal nonsense of the past decade from Hell.

Vive Le Pen!

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