Mormons say it is ok to beat women and children.

Mormon Church Backs Rob Porter On Domestic Violence Claims

Mormons say it is ok to beat women and children.

Salt Lake City, UT- In an astonishing move this morning, Mormon church president, Russell Nelson announced that the leadership and membership of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormons) will stand behind embattled Trump Administration staffer, Rob Porter, with full force.

“It is very common knowledge within the rank and file of the Church that the man is the head of the household and that wives must obey their husbands without question,” began President Nelson. “Sometimes a wife gets out of line and needs correction from her husband. We, as the only true religion of God, must uphold the teachings from the Bible and Book of Mormon for the entire world to see. If a woman or child requires correction, the husband or father must take the matter into his hands and give the required corrections.”

When Nelson was asked if the Church condones the beating of women and children by the men of his church, Nelson replied, “Each case has it’s own merits, needs, and outcomes. If a wife or child does not readily submit to the correction, there must obviously be an upward graduation in the correction. These are the ways of the Lord.”

Rob Porter was dismissed from the Trump Administration team after pictures were released showing his ex-wife with a black eye. Both of Porter’s ex-wives have claimed to have suffered physical, emotional, and verbal abuse at the hands of Rob Porter.

The Mormon Church has had a long litany of domestic violence and abuse. 99% of all domestic violence cases involving Mormon families are kept under wraps in the form of in-house counseling by the lay clergy. Hopefully, this case will open the doors to expose the abuse that is being suffered within this cult like religion. Beating women and children is not acceptable under any circumstance.

10 thoughts on “Mormon Church Backs Rob Porter On Domestic Violence Claims

  1. Im gonna call BS here. If all the ridiculous things quoted in the article were actually said in a public forum, why are we only hearing about it in a junky online news rag such as

  2. The photo shown of the beatup wife isnt even a real photo of his beatup wife.
    Clearly the guy was completely out of line, but this lame article is lacking integrity to the same degree as Rob Porter.
    Lies and exploitation.

  3. Wow! Talk about “bearing false witness”. Don’t know where the author got this information, but that is totally out of line with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints teachings. Not a valid article. As for Porter, I knew him a long time ago and if the allegations are true he should be convicted for his crimes. Very sad!

  4. Mormon Rob Porter? The wife or wives abuser? If women had any common sense at all they would leave that false, controlling, abusive false religion. Only an idiot would embrace it and the false religion of Islam! What a freaking joke those false entities are!

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