Does This New CrOmnibus Budget Have You Confused?


San Francisco, CA- Does anyone else out there find it just a bit too convenient that the Democrats and Republicans in Congress, as if out of nowhere, are both in agreement and touting a new and stylish continuing resolution omnibus budget that blows the lid off of spending restrictions? If this has you scratching your head, good! If not, you had better get some 411.

The economy looks abundant and, while the stock market has been a bit sketchy the last few days, it is still way up as compared to November 8th, 2016. Deregulation is a leading component to the bump in the economy. The GOP tax reform bill has also helped boost economic growth. Let’s not worry ourselves about the 1.5 to 2.2 trillion dollars the tax reform bill will add to an already unbearable $20 trillion deficit.

Now, as if out of nowhere, Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has climbed on board with the GOP senate majority leader, Mitch McConnell (R-KY), to pass a cromnibus budget that has no regard for spending limits for the military and domestic program’s caps. Let’s not forget, Schumer and McConnell are mortal enemies. On top of that, a passed budget is a win for President Trump, and we all know Senator Schumer would rather be tortured to death before he gives Trump a win of any kind.

What is really going on? Pundits can’t figure it out. Nancy Pelosi can’t figure it out. Deficit hawks can’t figure it out. Unfortunately, the answer is very clear.

All out war with North Korea is a done deal. It is already planned and WILL happen. Check the CNN/Anderson Cooper interview with Jackie Speier (D-CA, House Armed Services Committee) where she let it slip that we have to prepare our military for upcoming wars.

Jackie Speier Interview with Anderson Cooper

The United States Congress knows that there is no way to EVER pay off the budget deficit they have created through buying your votes. The congress also sees their house of lies, deceit, and criminal conduct crumbling around them. How then can the congress get out from under this crushing debt and treasonous actions and retain their power and influence?

The war with North Korea will be a very deadly campaign that is sure to escalate with other countries joining the fray. It will certainly turn into the battle for world domination. Not nuclear war, mind you, but world domination from a standpoint of who has the most food, oil surplus, and best infrastructure.

A world war gives the United States Congress the opportunity to shed the national debt, as well as starve the rest of the world into submission. When the United States government refuses to pay their debts, or even just the interest on that debt, it will hurl economies around the world into disaster. The United States is far and away the leading producer and exporter of food on this blue marble, and we also have the largest oil surplus in our history. An immediate stoppage in exporting of food and aid would spell disaster and abject starvation for every other country on the planet within 2 years or less. Most of the major countries of the world aren’t very far from starvation at this very moment. Choking the world’s economies, food, and oil supplies makes for a very short conflict, with the US coming out on top and dictating in every arena to the rest of the world.

These are dark and desperate times in the world today. Not particularly for the average everyday person, but for the sad and dreadful leaders in the United States and around the world. Leaders who will choose to kill tens of millions of people rather than admit their folly or give up their grip on influence and power. Desperate times call for desperate measures from desperate leadership.

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