Trump pokes fun at pelosi

President Trump Takes A Poke At Nancy The Witch

Trump pokes fun at pelosi

Washington, DC- President Trump, obviously tired of hearing Nancy Pelosi’s endless jibber jabber about her canceled flight, took a public shot at the house speaker in his favorite forum… Twitter.

“He canceled my flight just minutes before we were to leave, leaving us stranded,” whined Pelosi. “Then he announced, to Islamic terrorists around the world, that I would be on a commercial flight. I am a very important asset and key player on this planet… I could’ve been killed, or worse!”

Sources inside the West Wing told us the President laughed so hard when Pelosi said, “or worse,” that fried chicken skin from his KFC lunch flew everywhere. “Like anyone would be hard up enough to, “or worse,” that old witch,” Trump retorted. The President then excused himself, still laughing to himself, and visited the restroom.

Apparently, while washing up from his chicken eruption, President Trump fired off a tweet aimed at putting that old hag in her place, intimating that the house speaker is a broomstick toting witch.

“It [the tweet] took me by surprise,” chuckled senior advisor, Kellyanne Conway. “President Trump is a funny man. I thank God for him every day. I wish more people in Washington had a sense of humor.”

We’re all waiting for Nancy’s snappy comeback.

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