Goodell Is A Weasel

Roger Goodell Blasts NFL Owners For Poor Leadership

Goodell Is A Weasel
Goodell Is A Weasel For The Benjamins.

Green Bay, WI- In a late Monday press conference, NFL comissioner, Roger Goodell blasted NFL owners for their poor handling and lack of leadership concerning the ongoing player political protests.

“We have a huge lack of proper leadership across the board in the NFL today,” Goodell began. “No one is discounting the opinions, views and feelings of NFL players or staff. We at the NFL do believe in the first amendment rights of everyone here in America. We do, however, require a modicum of respect and decorum for our country, brand, franchises and fans.”

Goodell was obviously refrencing the players that have refused to stand for the National Anthem, a protest started by an easily mislead, and extemely lucky to have made an NFL roster, Colin Kaepernick.

“This entire fiasco is the product of owners who are afraid to be leaders,” Goodell pointed out. “Owners who are afraid to upset the fragile ego’s of players. Owners who put winning a football game above respect and decorum. I offered a solution to the owners months ago. Any owner in the league can call a press conference at the drop of a hat. If a player wants to make a statement, a press conference can be scheduled and will be attended by every media outlet around the country. No muss, no fuss. Fans can watch the press conference and news reports without causing the drama and vitriol of being unpatriotic. The NFL is supposed to be an opportunity for fans to leave behind their cares and worries, not create more unwanted drama.”

Goodell said the league is working on a protocol for dealing with the current situation, as well as for the future. “The league, as a whole, has handled this situation very poorly and unprofessionaly. I have to take some personal responsibility here. We will address this situation and move forward.”

It remains to be seen if the NFL can survive this burgeoning disaster. Las Vegas oddsmakers are betting on significant reductions in ticket prices at every NFL venue for the rest of the 2017 season.

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