Is Social Media Measuring You Up For Armageddon?


San Francisco, CA- Do you enjoy your social media? It is fun to get reacquainted with old friends that you have lost touch with. It is also nice to see who is doing what and where. It is helpful to have information right at your fingertips, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Being connected to friends and family in a virtual community can be a wonderful thing.

And then there is the dark side of social media. Everyone should know by now that their news feed is being manipulated by various bad actors. Facebook is constantly being found to subvert reality, and the truth, by only allowing content they agree with. Fake news is so popular that even real news has turned fake to remain competitive. Some fake news is entertaining and even enlightening. Most is just annoying drivel conjured up by some morbidly obese 40 year old troll in a grease stained T-shirt, sitting in his grandmother’s basement, eating fried chicken and persistently masturbating.

That troll part sounds a little scary, right? Push off into the deeper and darker recesses of social media and you will find the data and analysis trolls. Everything you look at, everything you like, everything you comment on, everything you hover over… every bit of that data is being collected, processed, articulated, scrutinized and interpreted. Social media companies will tell you that they do this to give you a better experience, and that isn’t a lie. They do want you to have a great experience because the better your experience, the more money they are likely to make. Mostly, they analyze what you like so they know what to advertise and sell to you. Again, it’s all about the Benjamin’s, but that isn’t scary, that is just marketing 101. And then we see, just in the background, the curtain attempting to contain the tumult.

It all comes down to the $20 trillion dollars of national debt again. America can never, and will never, pay this debt. The population continues to grow, not with hard working tax payers, but with entitled pansy-asses who want free college, free food, free cell phones, free housing, FREE, FREE, FREE, ad nauseum. Add on top of that, a government that continues to fritter away precious tax dollars on investigations that never end in prosecution, socialite parties and junkets, programs that buy elections but help no one, and the list can continue forever.

The powers that be know what is coming. They have comfy bunkers with food supplies that will last a decade. They are measuring you, and the amount of fight left in America, right now with social media. Every time you click, you feed them the data they need to see which side you are on. They need to know, and are making an educated guess, if you will kneel to their will, or will you stand and fight as a true and proud American patriot. American citizens are the largest and best equipped militia in the world, bar none. The power brokers can’t hope to defeat an army of 350 million well armed and pissed off Americans, but they feel pretty good about the way the numbers are headed at the moment.

If anyone out there is interested in saving the world and humanity, put down that god damned cell phone. Take control and put a limit on your internet usage. Turn off the TV. Spend more time with real people, in the flesh, and less time with slovenly anonymous internet trolls. Instead of arguing who is or isn’t a racist, or why some ignorant and privileged NFL player won’t stand, get out and volunteer to actually help someone in YOUR REAL COMMUNITY! Senior citizens need help! Kids need help! Animals need help! Houston needs help! Marathon needs help! The internet is the problem, not the solution. The simple questions are, “Are you part of the problem or part of the solution?” “Do you want to die on your feet or on your knees?”

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