AG Sessions To Charge Violent Berkeley Protesters With Terrorism


Washington, DC- Attorney General, Jeff Sessions pulled the USA Freedom Act (formerly the Patriot Act) out of his pocket at a special news conference this morning and announced that he would charge each violent protester at the Berkeley rally with domestic terrorism. He also announced that any further violent acts on behalf of leftist ideology would also be met with USA Freedom Act (Patriot Act) charges.

“Title VIII of the USA Freedom Act defines acts of domestic terrorism that apply to the type of disruption and violence that we have seen from leftist protesters,” began Sessions. “We are identifying the individuals that have been doing harm to our citizens and our country. Some have already been detained and will be held at the federal detention facility at Guantanamo Bay.”

“Under Title II of the USA Freedom Act, we are focusing covert investigations on many others involved in the riots at Berkeley, as well as other locations,” continued Sessions.. “I want to be clear, this administration welcomes peaceful disagreement and dissension. That is a principle freedom that all Americans enjoy, and will continue to enjoy. Violence will be met with great force and there will be no forgiveness to those who wish to use violence in espousing their views, be they from the left or the right. This is the United States of America, not North Korea. No one has the right or ability to beat and bloody others with their political views or agenda.”

As a side note, AG Sessions was overheard to say, “there are some folks out there laughing and thinking they are some kind of bad asses. They’re about to see what a real bad ass looks like [laughing]”

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