Mexican Protesters Halt WGC Mexico City Tournament


Mexico City, MX- Mexican citizens came out in droves to protest the policies of the American president at the WGC Mexico City Championship.

“They just seemed to appear from nowhere,” said an upset Dustin Johnson, who was leading by four strokes when the rukus started. “This is golf, not politics. What the [expletive deleted] is wrong with these people?”

Protesters flooded the 17th and 18th holes carrying signs with hateful slogans and shouting at the players, “Go home Gringos!” “Trump golfs like a girl!”

There were only 15 players left on the course when the pandemonium broke out. All players were quickly escorted from the course by Mexican National Police who were armed with automatic weapons.

Announcer David Feherty, after being injured by a stampede of protesters, commented, “I thought the running of the bulls was in Spain.” Mr. Feherty was treated and released from a local hospital.

Tournament officials said there would be no way to complete the tournament on Sunday. Players voted not to return for a Monday finish, citing saftey issues in a third world country. Dustin Johnson, the world’s number one ranked player and the leader when the shutdown occurred, was declared the winner.

WGC officials released a statement saying, “This is a very unfortunate situation. We will be reevaluating our partnership with Mexico in light of the occurrences here this week.”

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