BIDEN: You Can Take The Boy Out Of The Ghetto, But…

Washington, DC – U.S. President, Joe Biden, with his long standing support of white supremacy, re; Biden’s long running, close friendship with KKK leader, Senator Robert Byrd, as well as his spirited support of Bill Clinton’s 1994 crime bill, which targeted black men for long prison terms, told the BBC, “You can take the boy … Read more

Racist Treat

BLM Demands Removal of “White” Reese’s Cups

Charlotte, NC- The hate group, BLM (Black Lives Matter), has filed an injunction in the federal courts to halt the production of “white” Reese’s Cups. Mattrise Cullo, spokesperson for the hate group (BLM), stated, “It is racist to call a candy white!” “They didn’t call the milk chocolate version ‘African American’!” “Why do whites get … Read more


Obama: Trump Will Never Get His Great Racist Wall

Sacramento, CA- The Sacramento Bee is reporting that California Governor, Jerry Brown hosted a Democratic strategy summit today with notable figures, Barack Obama and former Mexican President, Vicente Fox. The summit, a meeting of Democrat minds, is an effort to thwart the rising tide of conservatism in the country. The two main topics that were … Read more

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