Bill Cosby drag queen, cross dresser

CNN: Bill Cosby Attempts To Flee U.S. Disguised As A Woman

Bill Cosby drag queen, cross dresser

San Diego, CA- CNN is reporting that United States Customs and the Department of Homeland Security announced today that they have apprehended and detained actor/comedian, Bill Cosby at the US/Mexico border crossing in San Diego.

Mr. Cosby, a comic staple in the 70’s and television mogul in the 80’s, had been placed on house arrest after more than 170 women came forward with accusations of sexual assault. A judge also ordered Mr. Cosby to forfeit his passport as a condition of bail.

“This is an absolute tragedy and miscarriage of justice,” shouted CNN’s Jim Acosta reporting live at the scene. “This poor man has done nothing wrong. He is only being harassed because he is black. If Bill Cosby worked at Fox, he would be canonized for raping so many unsuspecting women.”

Then the chant from protesters began to grow, “Ailes and O’Reilly got off free… prosecute the black rapist, Bill Cosby!” As the chant grew louder, the crowd of protesters grew larger, hurling anything they could find at US Border Patrol agents.

“We observed something was not right when the suspect showed up in a white dress after Labor Day and smoking a big cigar,” started Customs agent, Saul Goode. “The suspect seemed to be yucking it up pretty good while he/she/it was in line and then became suddenly mute when approaching the border agents. We detained the suspect for questioning and, in the process, deduced that it was Mr. Cosby dressed in drag in an attempt to flee the jurisdiction. We were also able to confiscate $100,000 in cash and over 2000 tablets of Rohypnol and Ketamine, both commonly known as “date rape drugs” from a rolling suitcase that the suspect had with him. It’s ironic that a man who abused women his whole life tried to be a woman to escape justice.”

Mr. Cosby was transported to a local jail to await his arraignment. No further details have been given.

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