Hogg political corruption

Hogg: “Political Corruption Is Just In My DNA”

Broward County, FL- In a Fox News exclusive, David Hogg, the CNN shill in the wake of the Parkland school shooting, admitted to parroting the words and phrases fed to him by CNN in exchange for cash, airtime, and internet exposure.

“I am just a teenager that was seduced by the sweet talking, money waving producers at CNN,” Hogg began. “Political corruption is just in my DNA, and I fell for the siren song hook, line, and sinker.”

When Hogg was pressed as to what he meant by “political corruption is just in my DNA”, Hogg responded, “My great grandfather, Jefferson Davis “JD” Hogg, also known as Boss Hogg, is widely known to be the most corrupt human in Broward county. He pretty much owns the entire county. He was voted most greedy and unethical politician in the U.S. 30 years running until he retired from public service last year. He is still wielding power in Broward county from behind the scenes through his witless minions, sheriff Scott Israel and undersheriff Cooter.”


When asked if he had anything to say to the American public, Hogg answered, “I am truly sorry for my misdeeds during this horrific event and I hope everyone can forgive me. Now, where’s my appearance check?”

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