Lake Of The Pines To Open FEMA Camp On 4/25

Can’t We All Just Be Communists?

Nevada County, CA- The census designated community, Lake of the Pines, in Nevada County, California, has offered to be the first of 1,000 FEMA refugee camps in the state. County supervisor, Ed Scofield, was delighted to get such an immediate response to his plea for a host for his communist state plans. “We were hoping to start our Communist incursion with just one small neighborhood,” stated Scofield. “We are thrilled to have an entire pseudo-elitist community!”

“Lake of the Penis, a small gated community that features a private lake, golf course and bars and restaurants, is located at the southwestern tip of our county”, Scofield told the Nevada County Union newspaper. “A county that, oddly enough, is shaped like a half flaccid penis with a giant wart,” Scofield added.

Scofield told the Union newspaper that tents are currently being set up on the defunct golf course and they are planning a goulash feed and movie double feature for Saturday evening. The planned movies for the evening are Orwells “1984” and “Red Dawn”. All Socialists and Communists are invited to move in immediately. Stipends will be paid upon arrival. First come, first served.

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