Dems Prepare Cuomo-Whitmer Ticket Roll-Out!


New York, NY- Well, there you have it. The entire reason for this pandemic pandemonium. The Dems, knowing full well Biden couldn’t compete with Trump, hell, Biden couldn’t compete with that stray sock you keep finding in the dryer, put out a casting call to their upper echelon opperatives to see who had the toughness, the moxy, the command of the crowds… and out pops governor Cuomo and governor Whitmer! A tailor made democrat power couple who can satisfy every need of the bleeding heart liberal cause and pull in loads of independent voters.

Oh, that can’t be the reason, can it? Hmmm, let’s see. Conservative led states, with the exception of Texas and Florida, have little to no problem with covid. But the world stopped… and waited. And out of the ashes has risen the two most forceful and overbearing voices since the feller with the funny mustache. The two voices who call upon the masses to spy on their neighbor and rat them out if they don’t behave properly. The voices who proclaim jail time for visiting with neighbors or buying yard landscape materials. Shall we all commence to the book burnin’ now?

People can already see enough data to know this has been another hoax. A brilliant idea to use the occurence of a mediocre virus as a means to test American’s will, like lab rats. Illegal, immoral and unethical, but nonetheless brilliant.

Sure, Inslee threw his hat in the ring and made the talk show circuit, but nobody’s buying his Howdy Doody.  Abrams’ hat is always in the mix, but can’t seem to pry herself from the buffet long enough to get on air. And Gavin… sweet, pretty Gavin. “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the prettiest of all?” He’s only doing a half hearted job because he’s running in 2024. The covid threat is well past it’s peak and Cuomo and Whitmer are just pulling on their jackboots. Can you feel their boots on your neck yet?

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