Dehumanizing America


Dehumanizing America

San Francisco, CA- The dehumanization of America, and the world, is in full swing. Covid-19, if it ever truly existed, has moved to the back burner. The world economy is shot to hell. Depression and suicide numbers are off the charts, and rightfuly so, given what our governments have done to our lives and economies. However, even with Covid being well past it’s prime, again, if it ever existed, more and more people are donning masks, and not just in public. The mask is quickly becoming a fashion trend. A normalcy. A false hope. And just exactly who is pushing this false hope? The same people who have been pushing the Covid. The same people who pushed the run on toilet paper. The same people who are working you into hysterics. The same people who are creating the division between the people. We’ll give you a minute to think that through.

We’ll bet that you’ve been to the grocery store and had someone wearing a mask wave and call out your name. You stood there like a stone monolith, not knowing what to say because you had no idea who that person was. When the other person noticed your surpised look, they pulled down their mask, and there was Bill, your neighbor of 32 years. It seems weird that you wouldn’t recognize your long time friend, but you didn’t. In fact, you don’t recognize any of these people running around garbed up like Bedouins in a sand storm. Why, they could be criminals. They could be terrorists. They could be UN soldiers getting ready to round you up into concentration camps. They could be pod people or have pig noses. And there’s the rub. “They”!

“It’s extremely easy to turn down someone’s ability to see someone else in their full humanity,” says Adam Waytz, a psychologist at Northwestern University who studies how people think. “Dehumanization is a mental loophole that allows us to harm other people.” 

What a novel idea on behalf of the world’s elite. They can’t possibly overthrow the will of the American people, but they can break and confuse that will. If they pelt us with divisive rhetoric, crush our economy and collective spirits, dehumanize us with masks, then they can get us to kill each other while they kick back in their comfy and well fortified and protected bunkers. Utter fucking genius!

Say no to the mask. They do not work at all in regard to a virus. They merely hide your personification. Your individuality. Those masks are far more likely to kill you than save you!

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