Tracker and Death Serum

Trophic Cascade: Rise Of The Morons!

Tracker and Death Serum
Don’t be fooled into believing the Elites and Politicians will be taking the same shot you’ll be taking!

San Francisco, CA – Americans have become embroiled in chaos in 2020. Pandemics, fires, riots and political instability have all had a hand in bringing the country to it’s collective knees. What a perfect storm. A perfect storm that was crafted by men, in an effort to control men.

All men, however, are not able to be controlled. Millions of people aren’t going to take the shot. You know, that shot they are developing in record time. More than twice as fast as the record fastest vaccination of all time (mumps took four years). Skipping steps to get that vaccine to market in 18 months or less. Millions in America will refuse that shot. Will those Americans be shot dead on the spot for refusing? Will they be rounded up and taken to indoctrination/execution camps? How will that affect the human ecosystem?

Trophic Cascade is the answer and the plan. If you remove the coyote from the ecosystem, the vermin will flourish. The wealthy elite fancy themselves as the top predator in the human ecosystem, but in reality, the armed citizens with common sense and a backbone are actually the apex predator in America. The Founders planned it that way, knowing, all too well, the evil that dwells in the hearts of elitist monarch and oligarch assholes.

So, how do the elites remove a predator and wind up with a slave labor pool of morons? They FORCE an injection, of God knows what, onto every single human. Those who refuse, those apex predators with common sense and backbone, will be removed from the ecosystem. Sure, they’ll put up one hell of a fight, but alas, they will have waited much too long to be victorious. The plan is to get the people to engage in a civil war, of sorts. That war is beginning as we speak. Riots here… riots there. Murders in the street. Defunding law enforcement, city take-overs with no resistance. The violence and chaos is just beginning.  The apex predators, or Patriots, are being identified through social media. They’ll be further identified once the real fighting starts. Then, once martial law is imposed, they will be finally identified by refusing the vaccine. With those predators (patriots) removed, the ignorant and compliant morons will flourish exactly as desired by the elite trying to restructure the world order.

Americans are waiting too long to stand up. If we don’t stop this, and right soon, the results of the planned trophic cascade will be DIRE for tens of millions.

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