Seattle thugs choke peacemakers for oligarchs!

Thugs And Teat Suckers; The Perfect Army Of Malcontent Liberal Politicians

Seattle thugs choke peacemakers for oligarchs!

Anywhere, USA- Do you rack your brain and wonder just what the fuck is going on in America today? Do you marvel at the vast inept ignorance of a huge swath of the American populace? If you don’t, you should. Also, if you don’t, you’re likey one of the vast ignorant.

A nine square block, city blocks, mind you, of downtown Seattle has been invaded and taken over by thugs and teat suckers. They’ve run out of food and are begging for help to maintain their sovereignty. Oh, that’s rich.

Thugs and teat suckers are violently ravaging cities and towns across the country. And why? To right social injustice? To right racial injustice? Because oligarchs pay them to create instability? Who cares what the actual answers to their lawless and divisive practices are?

The real truth behind the imbecilic actions of these thugs and teat suckers is so oligarchs can create instability by using and abusing the perfect army.

Why, one might ask, is this the petfect army? These are throw away people. They are, as perceived by the upper crust, the dregs of and drains on humanity. If they die in the pursuit of an oligarch’s fantasy, nothing is lost. One social drain down the drain. If they are successful in their coup, execute and replace them. They are merely a disposable means to an end.

Do you get it?

If you do get it, you might want to share the truth with them. If you don’t get it, their certain death, whether at the hands of their oligarchs or the Marines, is on your head.; which will, likely, be the next to roll.

Where do we take it from here? Every politician from the last 30 years should be held accountable for the deficit and turmoil currently choking the life out of our country. We must strip their wealth and put them on the street! Public service should not be a path to wealth. That is the definition of corruption. Corruption of the lawmakers, the US Congress, has led us here. The Republic is dying! Will you aid in her death, or will you fight for her honor?

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