Wear the mask or go to jail.

ACLU Sues Newsome Over Mask Mandate

Wear the mask or go to jail.

Sacramento, CA- The Sacramento chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), a normally rabidly liberal legal group, filed a lawsuit and injunction order against California governor, Gavin Newsome, in regards to Newsome’s facemask mandate. The Sacramento County Sheriff also announced that they will not be enforcing the mandate.

In a prepared public briefing, Sacramento ACLU senior attorney, Beau Daggette, previewed the briefs. “While we rarely side with the US Constitution over liberal politics, we feel that we must make a token stand on this issue. This is a clear violation of personal freedoms and liberties guaranteed by US and California constitutions. Unless you currently live in a California penitentiary, the government may not dictate your apparel in any form. They dont require you wear a bullet-proof vest or crackpipe-proof oral constrictor if you live in Compton. They dont require you to wear a shit catching device in San Francisco.”

Daggette went on to say, “The ACLU must take a stand when rights are violated. Even if they are the rights of the most deplorable in our society… Trump supporting conservatives.”

We, at thenetspies.com, find it a refreshing and positive step in the right direction that the ACLU has finally figured out that they are supposed to fight for constitutional rights, not just liberal pet projects.

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