Trump, Clintons take down America

Is Trump In On It?

Trump, Clintons take down America

Washington, DC- As you look around at the forced state of decay of the American civilization, one can’t help wonder, “How did we get here”? Almost overnight, our country, and the world, were plunged into a nonsensical shutdown that wreaked havoc on a prolific economy and further forced the citizens to choose sides; as if the venom and bile that has become the soup of humanity wasn’t already bad enough. Could this really be just a flash in the pan pandemic and everything will go back to normal in a few days? Or, is it possible that this was a planned take-down of the United States Constitution?

Back in 2015-16, the Obama train was grinding to a halt with only abject failure to it’s name. Inroads of hope and change had been laid across the country and around the world. The Affordable Care Act, while anything but affordable, was a huge clusterfuck of a leap into socialism and government control of American business. But sadly, Obama was out of time. The lame duck president was even denied the opportunity to replace deceased conservative Supreme Court Justice, Antonin Scalia, with a mealy, ultraliberal weasel named Merrick Garland. Had that appointment been made by 44, it would have changed the landscape of American law and life.

The Democrats were wondering if they could keep the White House, considering their heir apparent was so deeply flawed and the Republicans had a yuge crowd of candidates that were determined to give Democrats a run for their money. The Democrats wanted Clinton to be the next president. She was the ideal candidate; cold, calculating, criminal, unfeeling, detached… (we could go on, ad nauseum), to turn the screws to the American public and Constitution. Unfortunately, at least two-thirds of the country thought she was a pig. The voters might vote for her, even though she was a pig. Might being the key word. Might wasn’t good enough.

Enter Donald J. Trump, stage left. Trump had been a lifelong Democrat who  announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination. Was this an amusing stunt or a carefully crafted plan to win the White House either way? Chaos is the tool of overthrow and domination. A lifelong Democrat waltzed into the Republican primary and threw caution, and civility, to the wind. The Donald put on a show like none had ever seen or imagined… and the chaos began. Was that just Donald being Donald, or something more sinister?

Knowing that Clinton didn’t possess the stamina, personality or showmanship to lead the country eagerly into the abyss, might the Democrats have planted an egomaniacal turd-burglar into the oppositions camp? He would certainly cause great chaos even if he didn’t win the nomination. Trump waded through the Republican field with a fiery tongue and unveiled aspersions, clinching the nomination and then wrestling the oval office from the clutches of the evil one.

The whirlwind of chaos began before Trump was even inaugurated. Pompous windbags, who have spent their entire adult lives suckling the teat of the American taxpayer, began howling for impeachment the very day after the election. The same pompous windbags called for an investigation, a special prosecutor, to prove that Trump was a Russian asset. That chaotic investigation did nothing more than waste time, waste money and distract, divide and confuse the public. It worked flawlessly. It gave the politicians some time and opportunity to plan the demise of our country and our liberty. The time to figure out how they could get out from under this unnecessary and crushing $22 trillion national debt THEY had incurred. As the result of the investigation, a few inconsequential people got thrown under the bus and we all moved on. The politicians needed a little more time before they were to spring their trap, so they fired up the impeachment over quid-pro-quo. That was a travesty, but it achieved it’s intended goal… to divert the public’s attention. Some people, not the Donald, lost their jobs, and we all moved on.

Life was great. Stocks were up, unemployment was down. Way down. Summer was coming. Plans were made for enjoying life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness… and then, BAM!!! Out of nowhere, the most vile yet of manmade plagues (at least those in power would have you believe so) drops by to say hello and stops the entire world in it’s tracks. “STAY IN YOUR HOUSE!” they cried. “DO NOT GO TO WORK!” they ordered. “MILLIONS WILL DIE!” they incited. And just like that, the economy crashed. Forced closing of businesses. Grandparents can’t hug their grandchildren. Kids can’t go to school. The national pastime is cancelled. Parks, beaches and golf courses are closed. Toilet paper is gobbled up by the masses? Families have burned through their savings. The people are worried and frightened. And the government steps in and says, “Not to worry! We will give you $1,200! Depend on us! More is coming!” And just like that, you are now an unwary spoke in the great big wheel of Socialism; dependent upon your government for a paycheck, each according to his need and contribution. That sounds familiar, somehow.

Oh, and hey, does anyone remember the John Durham investigation? The investigation that promised to reveal the real truth behind all of the 2016 election corruption. The real truth of corruption in the Mueller investigation. We can understand that, after all, it is much more important to have a closet full of buttwipe than to hold elitist politicians and crooked cops to account. Looks like another victim of Pseudo-Covid19? Politicians will always be crooks, but who wants to get poo on their fingers? Shouldn’t that really be the most important question you have in 2020? 

So, now that they have us right where they want us, what more could possibly go wrong? Don’t be surprised when Trump, the backseat mauler and bar room brawler, who has fought the establishment tooth and nail for 3 and a half years, steps down over this ridiculous flu fiasco and takes Pence with him. Where does that leave the country? Nancy Pelosi would immediately take over and appoint Clinton as her vice-president. Pelosi then resigns, leaving the greatest criminal mastermind in American history; a criminal mastermind that is able to assassinate loose ends in guarded prison cells without leaving a trace, in complete control of the United States of America. The 2020 elections do not take place. The Constitution is shredded and rewritten, leaving Clinton in charge, in perpetuity, with the sole ownership of naming her successor.

You don’t think this can happen? Three months ago you didn’t think the flu could shut down the entire world. Three months ago your 401k was killing it and you thought you might buy a boat. Three months ago you went to dinners, parties and ballgames with friends. Now you stay home alone, garbed up in masks and latex, watching CNN giggle with delight as your retirement savings tank.

The entire country is sitting on it’s hands like an incorrigible child waiting for the government to tell them they can go out and play. Let us ask you, “Do you personally know someone who tested positive for this Pseudo-Covid19? Do you personally know someone who became ill from this Pseudo-Covid19? Do you personally know anyone who passed away from the effects of this Pseudo-Covid19? Can you really know the true answer to these questions? Scores of doctors are coming out every day decrying this Covid as being purposefully mistreated, mishandled and misdiagnosed; all for the sake of the Medicare Benjamins. It all sounds awfully Soylent to us. 

At what point did this penal colony that rose to the pinnacle of modern civilization become a cowardly bunch of bastard children that accepted the penalties for someone else’s transgressions? Did the greatest generation, after being sucker-punched at Pearl Harbor, make a run on toilet paper and hand sanitizer? No, they named their enemy and kicked his ass up one side and down the other. This pseudo-pandemic is our Pearl Harbor and it has come from within. Can you name the enemy? 

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