Amtrak Train Engineer Was Syrian Refugee

Mahmood al’Basheer, THE LONE ENGINEER ON AMTRAK 501.

Tacoma, WA- Local authorities are now reporting that the Amtrak 501 train that crashed this morning was piloted by a former Syrian refugee who entered the country through the visa lottery program 6 years ago.

According to Pierce County sherrif’s office public information officer, Paul Slider, the train’s engineer, Mahmood al’Basheer, had been piloting trains in the Pacific Northwest for the past 4 years. Amtrak has refused to comment on the crash or employees on the train.

Homeland Security and  FBI teams are traveling to the scene since being informed that the lone engineer on the train was a Syrian refugee. No comments were forthcoming from either department.

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are downplaying the fact that this might be a terrorist incident and questioning the whereabouts of President Trump when the crash took place.

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