Crushing America To Save A Bad Legacy


San Francisco, CA- It seems counter-intuitive to think that you would be willing to risk the lives and welfare of 350 million people, people you were hired to protect and serve, just to save the reputation of one friend. It seems downright criminal that you would protect the dastardly (or do I mean bastardly?) acts and legacy of one friend, a friend that would sell your soul to the Devil in an effort to pump up his ego, knowing that hundreds of millions of people will suffer and the greatest country of all history would falter and die in the process.

Yet, that is exactly the path that American Democrats have chosen. Democrat Party leadership (there’s an oxymoron) promised their fearless leader, Barack Obama, that they would fight to the death to protect his legacy. Not their death, mind you… your death.

The Obama Administration led America down a path of global socialism with promises of change by a silky smooth and suave community organizing bullshit artist. They forced unusable health insurance down the throats of the masses, raised the national debt by 68%, or 9 trillion dollars in eight years, got caught spying on the American public and foreign leaders, ruined America’s credit rating around the world, got caught setting up and financing illegal gun running (fast and furious isn’t just Obama’s masturbation moniker), used the IRS to target political opponents, wasted billions of taxpayer dollars on green energy companies who all went bankrupt, Benghazi, ISIS, the Iran deal and I could go on and on. Even more importantly, what evil Obama doings are out there that we don’t yet know about?

That is one hell of a legacy. A legacy that is worth saving, at least in an effort to prosecute. Isn’t it just a bit worrisome that Democrats would risk your present and future well being just to save the incredibly criminal legacy of a latent radical Islamic Muslim cleric… a disciple of Saul Alinsky and Jeremiah Wright?

How incredibly and arrogantly ignorant must a person be to poo-poo the depth of depravity in the Obama legacy? “Pay no attention to the communist, radical Muslim behind the curtain,” say Pelosi, Schumer and the media. These Democrats are playing dice with your life in a back alley with people of ill repute. If you think that isn’t true, how many instances of corrupt dealings with Vladimir Putin and his minions have surfaced from the Obama Administration? I can think of two major scandals that are being swept under the Persian rug. Obama, on an open mic, telling Medvedev that he would lessen the US missile defenses after he was reelected, and who doesn’t know about the Obamillary UraniunOne pay to play.

Why there isn’t a 350 million man march scheduled for Christmas in DC boggles the mind. When will the crooked scoundrels in Washington answer for their crimes against Americans, humanity and the world?

It turns out, the only thing that saved Obama’s America from being sloughed off like the lining of a uterus during a menstrual cycle is the Second Amendment. While our Founding Fathers were quite corrupt in their own right, they did have the foreskin to understand that, eventually, their posterity would take corruption to the level of tyranny. Obama, Clinton and their ilk are the nightmare that kept James Madison and George Mason up at night.

While the aspirations to political office for Obama and Clinton have been dashed, mostly because neither could ever accept less than dictator (dicktaster?) status, they continue to ruin lives by wielding power from behind the dark curtain. Puppet masters who force their minions in Congress to fight against everything that is right with Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. Your job, as an American, is to insist that your representatives in Congress call for a full investigation of the Obama Administration and prostitute them to the fullest extent of the law.


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