Angela Merkel Unsure Which White House Batroom To Use


Washington, DC- German Chancellor, Angela Merkel popped in to the White House to visit with the American President, Donald Trump. While the visit was quite productive as to issues of the economies for both countries, there were a few hiccups.

After a short morning visit and on the way to the big press briefing, Ms. Merkel had to make potty.

“I know there is a pretty fierce debate over transgender bathroom usage in America at the moment,” sounded Merkel. “I really didn’t think about it beforehand and was quite flustered when it was time to actually do my business. I know that President Trump said Bruce Jenner could use any loo he liked in Trump Tower, but this isn’t Trump Tower.”

While Ms. Merkel has been living as a woman for 50 plus years, her birth certificate still lists her as being born male. Ms. Merkel did use the Ladies room and there were no repercussions from the President or staff.

CNN’s Jim Acosta later questioned Chancellor Merkel about her visit. “Americans are wondering two things. How did you and President Trump really get along, and did you stand up or sit down to pee?”

“We got on very well and look at your tiny hands, sir,” quipped Merkel with a grin as she walked away.

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