Donald Trump Pedo Files

YAHOO: Russia, Ukraine Release Trump Pedo Files

Donald Trump Pedo Files
50 years of giving to children.

Washington, DC – YAHOO News is reporting that two of the worlds most corrupt and morally bankrupt countries, Russia and Ukraine, two countries that rarely get along or see eye to eye on anything, are ready to simultaneously release their clandestine pedo files on former US President, Donald Trump.

According to Yahoo News, the governments of Russia and Ukraine have been keeping dossiers on Trump’s exploits involving children for several decades. It turns out, Donald Trump has spent an estimated $2.7 million in the two countries combined over the last 25 years to chase his pedo penchant.

The report states that, in 1995, Donald Trump donated $500,000 each toward the building of state of the art children’s hospitals in the cities of Kiev and Moscow. Since 1997, Donald Trump has donated over $350,000 and over $400,000 to rural Russian and Ukrainian children’s medical and dental clinics, respectively. Since 2000, Donald Trump has donated about $1,000,000 to aid Ukrainian families who’s children have been killed or injured in Russia’s long running military action  to recapture Ukraine.

The Yahoo News report appears to show that Donald Trump does, indeed, have a particular fondness for children; just not the type the American propaganda machine would hope for. Since the mainstream American media is following the Joseph Goebbels Nazi propaganda playbook step by step, we’ll not be surprised if they spin this report to make a devil out of a humanitarian. Get your popcorn, this will be interesting.

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