Drain The Swamp? Not One Congressperson Has Resigned?


Washington, DC- Donald J. Trump’s platform of “Drain the Swamp” got him elected. But here we are, 40 odd days later and not one of the crooked assed congresspeople has resigned. What should we make of that?

Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters? Are you kidding me? Proving corruption against them would be like shooting lead hungry fish in a barrel. Orrin Hatch? What a crooked, judgmental scum sucking pig that has way outlived his tenure! Paul Ryan? Midwestern mafioso? That bitch wishes.

How many more could we mention? ALL OF THEM! They are all crooks. Just as prison is where convicts hone their criminal skills, so are the halls of congress. And every other political forum in the US. Oh sure, they all start out as bright eyed Billy Mumfree’s, all bushy tailed with a cockeyed optimism. And then, BANG! Money, Greed, and Power set in. They lose all sense of true purpose. They become whores. Whores to the system. That is when it is time for the people to let them go.

If your congressperson can’t pull off a town hall, they aren’t a leader. If they are dodging their constituents, they aren’t a leader. If they aren’t listening to your questions, they aren’t a leader. If they don’t have answers, they aren’t a leader.

We are far past the time for questioning if our leadership is what we deserve. It clearly is not. The dishonesty of government, left and right, is out of control. We are bombarded by ridiculous themes, used to change our thought processes and news cycles like a bunch of preschoolers being mind fucked.

There is a revolution coming. The citizens of the United States of America are the greatest armed militia that has ever existed, bar none. If President Trump won’t follow through on his promise to DRAIN THE SWAMP, Americans will. Locked and loaded, join me.

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