President Trump Blames Obama And Lemon For 9/11

Washington, DC- President Trump is Tweeting again. This time he is blaming the events of 9/11/2001 on former President Obama and CNN host, Don Lemon.

“President Trump is taking the truth to the people,” boldly stated Trump spokeswoman, KellyAnne Conway to a group of Associated Press reporters. “The President has the proof that will show everything he said is factual. President Trump will be calling for a full investigation by Congress as well as a Special Prosecutor.”

When asked what sort of proof the President has, Ms. Conway continued, “late last night and early this morning, the President was approached by Nicholas Cage. Mr. Cage took President Trump to the Library of Congress where they retrieved the “Book of the Presidents”. There was significant evidence in the book that points to high ranking Democrats, including former president, Barack Obama, as well as CNN fake news host, Don Lemon being the masterminds behind the dastardly attack.”

When asked if the President would be clarifying this topic today, Ms. Conway stated, “at this point, there is no plan for President Trump to address the nation today. Sean Spicer was going to address the subject in the daily White House Briefing but it seems Mr. Spicer has suffered a massive stroke this morning after reading the President’s Tweet. Sara Huckabee-Sanders may be taking over the briefing today.”

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