Failing American Heathcare

Simple Solution For The Government Healthcare Nightmare

Failing American Healthcare

San Francisco, CA- Government should not be involved in your healthcare, but that ship has sailed. Now that the country is standing on the precipice of healthcare disaster, brought to you by those spend happy Democrats and those inept Republicans, there needs to be a voice of reason.

The only true and real thing that has come out of Congress in months was Senator McCain’s censure of the Senate, “We’re getting nothing done!” Democrats are nothing but obstructionists, and Republicans can’t walk and chew gum at the same time. It seems as though both sides share one brain and neither side has any idea where they put said brain.

The ACA (Obamacare) is an abject failure. No one can argue differently. The only people who are really benefiting from the ACA are those who got benefits from Medicaid expansion, the very heart of the Democrat’s plan to begin the move to single payer. Democrats want Republicans to fail, Republicans want Democrats to fail, but the only people who are failing are the American public because their legislators are more concerned about legacies and political parties than constituents.

Here is a novel idea, let’s have a full repeal of the ACA. Wipe it out. It will take years for it to actually phase out, so no one will lose much right away. Once the ACA is gone, that will force both parties to come to the table to try to work out a system for providing healthcare for the country. If they fail, they fail together as one corrupt unit. If they succeed, they succeed together as a Congress doing what they were elected to do. Can you imagine that? A House and Senate that actually work as intended?

What can you do to help get things back on track? Call your Senator and Representative and tell them you DEMAND a complete and full repeal of the ACA. Tell them after that full repeal, you DEMAND that they work diligently, with their party and the opposition party, to craft a viable and affordable healthcare option for those citizens who need it. Make the call. Urge your friends to make the call. Sitting idly by as your legislators run amok is one reason we are in this mess. Take control, hold Congress accountable.

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