Why Your Middle Class Life Is About To Turn To Shit


San Francisco, CA- Have you ever owned or worked for a private company? Of course you have, unless you are one of those useless people that lives on the government dole. You’ve probably worked with some managers and administrators that were great and some not so much. Those managers and administrators on the “not so much” side generally don’t stay around too long because they just don’t get things done. They are not profitable. They don’t improve the bottom line.

Apparently, politics and public enterprise are much different than private enterprise. Obviously different. How else can one explain the continued employment of anyone that has been in the US Congress for the last 30 years? It is the primary job of the US Congress to lead and navigate the country and it’s inhabitants through the treacherous world of economic prosperity, as well as to grow peaceful existence with foreign nations.

If you were running a company and you piled up a huge and unsustainable debt, what do you suppose would happen to you? If you diminished or tarnished the company brand, would a promotion be in order? If all of your clients, customers and competitors lost all hope and respect for your company, should you march into the boss and ask for a raise?

FAILURE ALERT! The above paragraph is a spot on description of the US Congress. They have piled up an enormous and unsustainable debt, $20 trillion dollars and rising, to be exact. They amassed this debt, about 85% of it, from buying your votes. That’s right, the Congress spends money on laws and programs that will get them the most re-election votes. They don’t care if the laws or programs work for the people. They live in a different world than you and I. They are not subject to the rules of mundane American life. What about foreign affairs? The world is a mess, the shining beacon on the hill is not so shiny anymore and our leadership (that word is used loosely) has either allowed or caused every single foreign disaster through lack of any semblance of leadership. And damned if they don’t vote themselves a raise at every opportunity.

These people in Washington are supposed to be professional leaders. People who have been entrusted by their constituency to work hard and diligently to make the lives of the constituents and their country better, not to play games with matches in a leaking petroleum factory. It seems that it should be impossible, for even the most ignorant of voters, not to understand that a $20 trillion debt is nothing more than lack of leadership.

To sum it all up, the huge lack of leadership in America is about to turn your middle class life into shit. The debt is crushing the economy and the Congress is raising the debt ceiling because they have no leadership or backbone. Cutting programs will save the country, but it won’t get politicians re-elected. Our last three presidential administrations have allowed factions around the world to catch and surpass the US in global market productivity, trade, education, etc.

Since the new presidential administration has taken over, name me one thing that the US Congress has done to make your life and your country better. Nothing in six months, and now they are going on vacation for a month. They will all sit around and count their gold like Scrooge McDuck, not caring that economic crash and disaster is right around the corner. After all, they have gold, silver and influence. You and I have a bit of worthless green and white paper and a voice no wants to hear. That green and white paper will come in handy when you are trying to wipe your pile of life.

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