The Russian Hacking Investigation Makes One Thing Perfectly Clear


San Francisco, CA- We have now heard testimony before Congress, ad nauseum. We have heard the pundit spin doctors who tell us what we should think, to a sickening degree. And what have we learned?

We have learned that everyone in our federal government, elected, appointed or hired, is just another cog in an enormous criminal enterprise. A criminal enterprise that is in serious trouble. Heads are fixing to roll and asses are attempting to be covered.

Didn’t candidate Trump promise to “Drain the Swamp”? Well, the swamp is embroiled in major turmoil and hopefully headed for a draining.

Think about this, if you commit a murder, the police don’t wait around for a few weeks or months for you to build an alibi and manipulate the evidence. They drag your ass downtown and start grilling you to expose your lies. So why is it that whenever someone in government is accused of, or is being investigated for something, they are afforded the opportunity of weeks, or more often, months to prepare for their grilling? And by grilling we mean a little light Q&A from fellow Pilatesque Capos who are just as likely to find themselves in that same hot seat in the future.

My friends, we the people need to get past this ridiculous party division and hold every single politician and appointee to account for every single problem they have caused for this great country and it’s citizens. We the people didn’t allow the rise of ISIS. We the people don’t cause recessions. We the people didn’t overspend our budget or authorize a $20 trillion dollar debt. We the people don’t leak classified information. We the people are not spying on the entire world (well, maybe some of us are).

This dog and pony show that our government is putting on, while it may rid us of a crook or two in Washington, only serves to hurt the American public. This is not productive. These politicians are looking for a way to bail themselves out of the messes they have created, plain and simple. The only way out of the mess America is in, is for politicians to do their actual job. Start governing and stop all of this childish bickering about who is the biggest crook, or the biggest star, or the ugliest, or who has the biggest hands.

The one thing that is perfectly clear is that the criminal enterprise known as the United States Government is a collection of scoundrels and criminals at best. To put it simply, if they were doing their job correctly, they would do the investigation, do it right now and wrap it up in 2 weeks and move on to doing what they get paid for… governing.

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