Americans demand Congress get to work.

Asylum Caravans March From Detroit And Chicago To DC

Detroit, MI- Huge throngs of Americans, estimated in the hundreds of thousands, began their march, from Detroit and Chicago, seeking asylum in the nation’s capitol today. “Our cities used to be beautiful burgeoning hubs for manufacturing and commerce,” said march organizer and Detroit resident, Darnell Robinson. “Now we are just a big deadly shithole! People … Read more


Why Your Middle Class Life Is About To Turn To Shit

San Francisco, CA- Have you ever owned or worked for a private company? Of course you have, unless you are one of those useless people that lives on the government dole. You’ve probably worked with some managers and administrators that were great and some not so much. Those managers and administrators on the “not so … Read more

Your Legislators Are Killing You And Your Country

Dear US Representatives and Senators, This communication is meant for you specifically. YOU have been elected to represent ME in Washington, DC. I am not happy with you, or your cronies. The collective bulwark methods of governing, as well as your “Good Ol Boy’s Club” attitude are no longer tolerable to the constituents across this nation. … Read more

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