Democrats Reinvent Cold War Anxiety To Discredit Trump


Washington, DC- Dirty politics as usual in DC? Democrat politicians have set out on a plot to reinvent the anxiety and anguish of the cold war in an effort to discredit and possibly move toward impeachment proceedings of President Trump and his staff.

After World War II, tensions between the United States and Soviet Russia began to escalate over a race for superpower status and Soviet expansion. During the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s there was incredible fear in the citizenry of both countries because of propaganda distributed by politicians of both countries. John Mellencamp may have defined this best when he said, “I hate the Russians cuz I hear they hate me.” While the two governments were having significant battles in proxy wars, propaganda dissemination and intelligence (spying), the citizens in both countries were left in a dark and fearful place, leaving them easily led and manipulated.

Politicians went on witch hunts against anyone that rocked the status quo boat, calling them Communists or sympathizers. Citizens worked hard and kept their heads down, both in an effort to make their country stronger and to stay out of the lines of fire. Being linked to Soviet Russia was the kiss of death and ruined the lives of many citizens. Having Julius and Ethel Rosenberg sending American military secrets to Russian spies really helped the propaganda cause.

Here is where current Democrats are getting their game plan. In the early 1950’s, a Republican senator from Wisconsin, Joseph McCarthy used the fears of Americans to catapult himself to huge notoriety by accusing several hundred US politicians and government employees of being communists. These accusations all turned out to be completely bogus and served to undermine the government. No evidence was ever discovered to lend any credence to any of McCarthy’s claims and accusations and he became a laughing stock until he died curled up around a bottle of Old Crow.

House and Senate democratic leaders, Pelosi and Schumer, respectively, have decided to walk this slippery slope of McCarthyism in an effort to restore Cold War hysteria and rebuild their defunct party. This type of hysteria causes citizens to be fearful of everything, including the faction of government that is being pointed out as working with Russians.

These bizarre tactics are not new by any stretch. They are very harmful to the rule of law and trust in government. It appears that the Democratic Party are so lost and out of touch and control, not to mention the fact that they are still dumbfounded as to how they lost the presidential election, that they have gone on a kamikaze mission to destroy the Republican fleet.

Don’t be fooled. This Democrat ruse will fail just as miserably as did the McCarthy Hearings ploy when no evidence is found to support the wild and invalid accusations from the Left, leaving people to wonder if the Democratic Party has more in common with Joseph McCarthy, or Charlie McCarthy.

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