Big Government And Your Cannabis

Why is the government in YOUR cannabis?

What is the big furor over the legalization of cannabis? Some people want it legalized. Some don’t. Some people just don’t care, yet it seems to be a big headline around the nation.

Let’s examine this for a minute. 50 years ago the government could have taken a reasonable path on the use of cannabis. They chose to demonize the poor plant instead. Why? The biggest reason for the demonization of cannabis was because it was fueling the counter culture that was frightening the government. You remember those hippies that were demonstrating in the streets, singing songs and carrying signs. They truly frightened the establishment, prompting the government to go on a smear campaign against this poor little plant. Raping the fragile minds of school children, through movies and conversations in school, that if they smoked cannabis they could freak out and kill themselves and or others. The government did this knowing full well this information was a complete fabrication.

Why the sudden change in attitude around the country? Might it be because the science of cannabis has grown exponentially? Might it be because people have used this science to become more educated on the true effects and uses of cannabis? While both of those statements are unarguably true, the widely held belief is that State and Federal governments have run out of creative ways to bilk the hard working American taxpayers out of their hard earned dollars. Dollars that they take from you and I to finance their lust for power and their jet set lifestyles, the only real reasons they go into politics.

Not true? Legalizing cannabis should be a very simple process. There is absolutely no need for government involvement. There is no need for dispensaries. Those are both just a means for the wealthy to become more wealthy. All that is needed is a law allowing each person who chooses to use cannabis the ability to grow up to 10 plants per year. My experience tells me that the yield of 10 plants, grown outdoors, in simple garden pots in the summer, will produce a half pound of good bud each for a total of 5 pounds. That is a lot of cannabis. For those people who are unable to do the work, ie; the elderly, disabled, etc, small community cooperatives could be formed to help them with their crop. The selling of cannabis in any form would and should remain illegal, but who would be buying cannabis if they could grow their own? You can produce your own personal quantity of beer and wine without any government interference whatsoever. But you better not try to sell it to others without proper permission, license and taxation. Run the numbers on crime, health and fatality statistics related to alcohol. Do the same for cannabis and compare the two. That might just open your eyes a little bit.

Yet cannabis remains mired in legislation. So much so that when Californians voted to legalize cannabis in 2016, the state government is taking nearly a year and a half to draw up and implement the legislation. That is the amount of time the government needs to properly understand how to regulate the industry. Not from an ecological or penal point of view, but from a financial point of view. The viewpoint of, “how can the we squeeze every last penny from the people who cultivate, process, sell and resell this plant“.

Americans can grow as much as they want of any plant they like… except cannabis. Nobody cares much about your walnut grove or your citrus orchard. They don’t care about your sunflowers or daffodils. They don’t care if you plant 10 acres of tulips or primrose. But plant one cannabis plant and your picture will be on the post office wall.

I’m not trying to tell anyone what to think or believe. I am not advocating for, or against, legalization or criminalization. I’m advocating for Americanization! The founders of this country knew they had a special and unique idea, for a special and unique people. They knew, all too well, what happens when government is too big and has too much overreach. They trusted the people to work hard and make wise decisions. Sadly, our government officials do neither.

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