Maryland Street Gang Rapes Muslim Men, Forces Them To Eat Bacon


Rockville, MD- A breaking news report from NBC affiliate WBAL in Baltimore Maryland says that police are seeking more than a dozen members of the Black Guerrilla Family street gang in connection with alleged sexual assault of several Muslim immigrant men.

“We are currently investigating claims from several local residents that were taken hostage and forced into committing acts that were against their will and beliefs,” stated Rockville police chief, Bob Rappoport at this mornings news briefing. “These have been some dark days here in Rockville. Our police and citizens have been thrust into the national spotlight and it is not a flattering light.”

The chief was obviously referring to this case as well as the recent sexual assault of a female teen in a local school restroom by illegal aliens that made national news even though most mainstream media outlets tried to suppress the story because it didn’t fit their liberal agenda.

“We have interviewed seven men who are recent Syrian immigrants,” chief Rappoport continued. “The men claim that they were repeatedly sodomized and forced to consume various pork products by their captors. We take sexual assault very seriously here in Rockville and we intend to publicize these crimes far and wide . We have contacted the FBI and Department of Justice in regards to hate crime investigation in regards to the forced oral consumption. We will continue to disseminate information through press briefings as we have more information relevant to the investigation.”

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