Your Legislators Are Killing You And Your Country

(Alex Wong/Getty Images North America)

Dear US Representatives and Senators,

This communication is meant for you specifically. YOU have been elected to represent ME in Washington, DC. I am not happy with you, or your cronies. The collective bulwark methods of governing, as well as your “Good Ol Boy’s Club” attitude are no longer tolerable to the constituents across this nation. The legislators in this country have created an enormous mess, not just in our great country, but around the world.

I am calling you out, here in this letter and also on social media, to do the job you were hired to do.

Terrorism around the world is out of control. Innocent people are dying on a daily basis because YOU and your cronies refuse to do your job and stop it. I know that terrorism is a good thing for our federal government. It keeps the citizenry steeped in fear and dependent on government for protection. It also allows for large “war machine” companies to make big money in a long slow fight.

How many more years do you want to play this game, directly fattening the corporate pockets, as well as your own?

Please, do not attempt to placate me with political speak and platitudes. I am not a sheep that follows the bell. I know exactly what goes on in Washington. Show me something real. Something all Americans can sink their teeth into.

I know you are preparing to take 12 days of your not properly earned “three plus months” of vacation at the moment. I hope you enjoy it and get a load of rest, you are going to need it.

When you return, I suggest, no, I demand that you stop debating the ridiculous political fantasies of wealthy, out of touch legislators, and get to work on this terrorism crisis, our unsustainable national debt, jobs and our crumbling national infrastructure that are a direct and dire threat to the lives and freedoms of all Americans, not to mention every citizen of earth.

I do not support your work thus far. Nor do I support any of the work of your cronies. You do not represent my views as a constituent. YOU are a direct affront, and I promise I will #STANDUPTODAY to make sure everyone hears this message. STOP THIS KILLING OF INNOCENT HUMAN BEINGS IMMEDIATELY! Get to work and fix the problems facing this country! We will tolerate nothing less!
Do your damned job!

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