NY Times Buries Story On Sh*thole Controversy Being Dem Distraction


New York, NY- Speaking on condition of anonymity, a senior New York Times source is going on the record that the recent Dick Durbin vs President Trump “Sh*thole” controversy is a completely planned and fabulist distraction by the Democratic party.

According to the source, NYT investigative journalist, Jo Becker was informed of the plot to discredit the President by one of her sources in the Democratic National Committee. Ms. Becker was told by the DNC source that the lone democrat in the immigration meeting on January 11th, Illinois senator Dick Durbin, was told to leave the meeting and tell the White House reporters pool that President Trump had disparaged various countries and peoples of color by calling them Shitholes.

The source’s claims gained traction after Becker had a conversation with NY Times White House correspondent, Maggie Haberman, who intimated to Becker that there had been a hushed rumor floating through the White House reporters pool that something big was going down on Thursday.

The DNC source told Becker that the Democrats are in serious fear of losing their grip on minorities in light of the rampant first year success of the President. DNC internal polls showed quickly rising support for President Trump in the African American and Hispanic communities, what with the lowest unemployment figures for African Americans and Hispanics since those statistics began being kept. Not to mention the huge upward spike in African American home buyers… the highest in history. Add to that, the enormous support of the Martin Luther King Jr family for President Trump and the President signing a proclamation in honor of the late Dr. King, the Democrats are in desperate times.

Becker and Haberman jointly penned a scathing expose of the DNC and senator Durbin on Friday. When the two journalists questioned why their story hadn’t been published on Saturday, they were informed that the story had been quashed by managing editor, Joseph Kahn, not because it wasn’t a great story, but because it didn’t fit the narrative the NY Times wished to portray.

The NY Times and Senator Durbin’s office rebuffed all inquiries about the buried story, citing that today was a holiday and they are working shorthanded.

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