Kennedy Assassination

I’ll Worry About The FBI Once They Solve The Kennedy Assassination

Kennedy Assassination

Washington, DC – President Trump told reporters on Wednesday that he is very much looking forward to his interview, under oath no less, with special counsel, Robert Mueller.

On his way to Davos, Switzerland, President Trump stopped for a brief q&a with reporters on the north lawn. In response to a question from ABC News reporter, Jonathan Karl, on whether or not he would sit down with special counsel, Robert Mueller, the President emphatically stated, “I’m looking forward to being interviewed by his team.” When asked if he would consent to be interviewed under oath, President Trump said, “sure,” without hesitation.

When the President was asked why he seemed to have changed his mind from “we’ll see what happens” to “I’m looking forward to it”, President Trump quipped, “Look, the FBI can’t even solve the assassination of JFK. I’ll worry about the FBI once they solve the Presidential Assassination from back in 1963.”

CNN pool reporter, Jim Acosta was said to have been hopping mad about the President’s joke, calling the President an insensitive racist.

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