Reuters: CA Congressman Found Dead In Fort Marcy Park, VA


Washington, DC- Reuters Washington bureau chief, Marilyn Thompson is reporting that at 6:30 pm, eastern standard time, the lifeless body of California congressman, Devin Nunes was discovered by joggers in Fort Marcy Park in Virginia.

“We received a call at 6:32 pm from persons who were jogging in the park reporting what appeared to be a deceased white male,” said National Forrest Ranger, Tim Stibbons. “We arrived on scene at 6:36 pm and confirmed that there was in fact one deceased adult white male who had sustained one gunshot to the left temple. The deceased male was subsequently identified as congressman Devin Nunes. We secured the scene and called local authorities as well as the FBI.”

“On the surface it appears as though Mr. Nunes is the victim of suicide,” began FBI special investigator, Max Waters. “Mr. Nunes suffered one gunshot to the left side of his head. We have ruled out robbery at this time because his wallet, watch, wedding ring and briefcase were all intact at the scene. We did find what appears to be a shredded letter of resignation as the House Oversight Committee Chairman in his briefcase. It is very early in the investigation and we are still processing the scene and speaking to anyone who may have been in the area around the time of the shooting.”

Fort Marcy Park is no stranger to suspicious suicides of prominent political figures. In July of 1993, Vince Foster, a long time Clinton adviser and confidant, was also the victim of an alleged suicide in nearly the exact same location. Foster’s alleged suicide took place just before he was scheduled to testify about corruption in the Clinton’s business and political affairs. The resemblances of these two cases are staggering.




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